YOU GAIS! The second annual Vegan Pizza Day is just five short days away!


… 157 days away! (Yeah, yeah, so Vegan Pizza Day has been rescheduled. But I’ve been planning this week’s festivities for months and don’t really wanna cancel last minute, so let’s have our own pizza party anyway, mkay? We’ll call it “Early Vegan Pizza Day.” Or “Old Vegan Pizza Day.” Or “The Vegan Pizza Day That Was,” for the Browncoats in the house! Just replace “Vegan Pizza Day” with your favorite alternative for the duration of this post.)

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m too excited to wait for the weekend June 28th! That’s why we’ll be celebrating Vegan Pizza Day ALL WEEK LONG here on fuck yeah vegan pizza! And by “celebrating,” I mean with PIZZA and PRIZES! From now through next Monday afternoon, share your vegan pizza photos with us for a chance to win one (OF THREE!) vegan prize packages stuffed with everything you need to throw your very own vegan pizza party!

We’ve got swag from all the biggest names in vegan pizza eats: Daiya. Tofurky. Lightlife. Gardein. Upton’s Naturals. Tofutti. AND MORE! There will be buttons, and t-shirts, and tote bags – and more free nomz than you can wag your tongue at!

To enter, simply share with us a photo or video of your Vegan Pizza Day Week eats from now until next Monday, January 30th at 12 noon (US Central time). From these entries, three winners will be randomly chosen to receive a superginormamegalicious vegan pizza prize package!

Due to shipping costs and product availability, this contest is only open to residents of the United States and Canada – but we also have a separate, equally awesome giveaway for our readers in the United Kingdom!

Keep reading for the deets!


The Prizes

Three winners will be randomly chosen to receive a vegan pizza prize package containing the following:

– One awesome Tofurky prize pack that includes a coupon for a free Tofurky brand frozen pizza with Daiya cheese (expiration date: 4/20/13), as well as Tofurky buttons, stickers, temporary tattoos – and a pizza cutter, to boot! Your friends will be jealous. (I know I am!)

– One coupon for a free 8oz bag of Daiya shredded cheese (exp: 12/31/12). Also: a Daiya window decal, so you can share your love of vegan cheese with your friends, neighbors, mail person, parking attendant, and random strangers!

– Five coupons for one free Lightlife item (exp: 7/31/12; maximum retail value $6 per coupon). To sweeten the deal, the nice folks at Lifgtlife also threw in a totally adorable tote bag to help you haul off all the free goodies you just scored! (The print is similar to the background image on their Twitter page. Like I was saying, ADORABLE.)

– One coupon for a free Gardein product, refrigerated or frozen (no expiration date; max value $4.99). Would you like some chicken wings to go with that pizza, madam?

– Two coupons for one free Nasoya item (exp: 12/31/12; max value $3.99 per coupon).* Take the tofu, put it on a pizza! (Ditto: the hummus!)

– Two VIP Certificates for one free Tofutti brand product (no expiration date; max value $3.99).* Tofutti, does a body good! (Seriously I grew up on Tofutti brand products!)

– One coupon for a free package of Field Roast Sausages (exp. 12/31/12; max value $7.99). Also, to spread your love of vegan sausages far and wide, a Field Roast tee! (We have one black women’s shirt, size large; one ash gray unisex M; and one sky blue unisex XL up for grabs. First to respond gets first dibs!) I especially love the back of the shirt, which offers a veg-friendly definition of “meat.”

– One package each of active dry yeast (8 ounces) and hard white whole wheat flour (24 ounces) from Bob’s Red Mill. The flour is organic and non-GMO!

– One rockin’ mustache logo tee from Upton’s Naturals. (They make seitan, yo!) Celebrate Movember all year long, vegan styley! Winner picks the size after the contest closes.

– Last but not least, I’ve thrown in a few small surprise gifts to show y’all how much I appreciate you! Spoiler alert! There will be keychains, and buttons (Two from The Radical Uprise! See if you can guess which!), and a sticker activity book. (Make your own pizza any time! I KNOW RIGHT!) You may even find a mix tape or two, because I am totes the pizza romantic.

Seriously, I’m blown away by the love and support tumblr has shown this tiny little blog. (You love vegan pizza, you really love vegan pizza!) You guys are da bomb!


Also, many thanks to Tofurky, Daiya, Lightlife, Gardein, Nasoya, Tofutti, Field Roast, Bob’s Red Mill, and Upton’s Naturals for sponsoring this giveaway. YOU ROCK!

[* Prize package #3 is slightly different in that it contains ONE Nasoya coupon and THREE Tofutti coupons. FYI!]

Contest Rules & Regs

1. You don’t need to be vegan to enter, but your pizza does! Entries must include a photo or video of a vegan pizza (or pizza-esque dish) that you’ve eaten in the week leading up to Vegan Pizza Day. (Please, be courteous and don’t include any non-vegan items in the photo, mkay?) Additional submission guidelines are available on the “submit” page. (Stating the obvious, this is also where you can submit your entry!)

2. Please just submit each pizza once. If you have multiple photos of one pizza you’d like to share (Maybe you’re the artsy type? Ain’t nothing wrong with that!), please include all the photos in one entry. If you make multiple pizzas at once, be sure to photograph and submit them separately, or else they’ll be counted as a single entry.

3. So as not to encourage binge eating, I’m capping the maximum number of entries at four per person. Of course, you can still submit more than four posts over the course of the week, but only the first four will be entered into the contest.

4. You do not need to have a tumblr account to enter! The submission page allows for submissions with a valid email address in addition to those made using a tumblr account. If you’d rather not use tumblr’s interface, you can email your entry to me at

5. If you’re submitting an entry via tumblr, make sure your ask is enabled so that I’ve a way of contacting you. If you’re submitting via email, please add to your address book. I must be able to make contact with you!

6. This contest is only open to residents of the United States and Canada – but we also have a separate giveaway for our readers in the United Kingdom! (International readers, don’t hate me! I’m still working on arranging some giveaways for you!)

7. Please note your country of residence in your submission(s). This one’s important, folks! Since I’m running two giveaways at once, I need to know which one you’re entering! If your submission doesn’t include this info, I may contact you for clarification and hold your post in the queue until I have the necessary info.

8. The contest closes on Monday, January 30th at 12PM US Central time. (That’s 1PM Eastern, 10AM Pacific.) I will choose and announce a winner shortly thereafter. The winner has 72 hours to respond with a valid US or Canadian mailing address – after which time I’ll randomly choose another winner.


Questions? Drop ‘em in the ask box!



(Posted with gratuitous Elf gifs because THIS FEELS LIKE A SECOND CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!! Or the first one of 2012! Whichever you prefer!)