Ditching Facebook

Some time over a week ago, I deactivated my Facebook account.  I deactivated versus deleted because I wanted to see how much I was using it, and if I was using it for anything important.  Well, over a week later (I guess since I can’t remember which day I deactivated), things are just fine.  I haven’t missed it and here’s why.

Facebook is just boring to me now.  As Facebook has added more and more “functionality”, the content less and less about sharing and connecting, and more about playing a part online.  It’s not even Facebook users doing this, it’s the way Facebook is built these days.  You can’t help but play a MOORPG social networking game when you use Facebook.

Everything added in the last year has added clutter, slowed down the website, and hidden content via EdgeRank.  When I started slowly cutting down friends and pages I was getting notifications from, I noticed tons of updates I was never seeing, things I would be legitimately be interested in.  Hiding content from me when I have not indicated that I want that content hidden is a big no-no.

So, my social networking is limited to Google+ and Twitter.  Twitter I use passively, as I don’t have a big following at all, but there is a lot of interesting stuff beng posted by the people I follow.   On Google+, lots of interesting things are happening.  My family and most of my friends aren’t on Google+, but I’ve met new people and have discussions all the time on topics that just aren’t as popular (or as accessible) on Facebook.

I’m not gonna say “Facebook sucks” or anything like that, but just that it isn’t really for me anymore.  If you like it, great.  If you’re kind of sick of it and wonder if you can do without, the answer is yes.  Lots of good content out there and many ways to get to it, if you’re sick of playing a MOORPH social network.

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