When the dust settles

The dust is beginning to settle I think.  The cloud might look large and expansive, but the explosions are dying out.  As TAM approaches, more and more skeptics and people interested in real skeptical scholarship are piping up and making it known that they want to go to TAM.  Everyone I’ve spoken to that is going to TAM wants to make it an enjoyable, harassment-free zone for everyone.  

There are great workshops on Thursday and Sunday, the speaker line-up is great, and TAM picked a great keynote speaker, Carol Tavris, author of Mistakes Were Made, But Not By Me.  Grant programs were setup so people could go that otherwise wouldn’t be able to. A few people are heading to the South Point Casino just to hang out with TAM’ers in the evening.

When the dust settles, the event is going to be great.  People who made a public stance about not going will probably not be missed.  The incivility shown on various blog posts and networks will melt away as face to face contact makes it harder for some people to be so hostile.  And perhaps another listen of Carol Tavris will make those people rethink how they came to such a nasty place.

When the dust settles, I’ll be eating vegan donuts, having a drink in the Del Mar, and wondering how just a few weeks earlier there was so much anxiety.  My brain will recharge, my confidence in skepticism will be higher, and I’ll have a few more email addy’s/google + profiles to add to my contacts list.

When the dust settles, I’m gonna move forward, and leave the last few weeks permanently behind, and for those who can’t and still want to wage war, well, good luck to you, there is too much to do and learn to get bogged down in that muck.

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