My Next 30 Days of No Social Networking

So, I have decided to try an experiment.  For the next 30 days, starting July 23, I will not be interacting on Google Plus, Twitter, or Facebook.  I have deleted these apps from Chrome, my phone, and tablet, or in the case of Google+, disabled notifications.  The only forms of communications I will be using are email, instant messengers, and Google Hangouts.  

I loaded up Feedly with a bunch of news sources and friends’ blogs, and I will only comment on their own blogs.  If they use Facebook Comments, however, I consider that a violate of the spirit.  I will not hesitate to email people when I would normally have just left a comment. 

The one small caveat is that posts to this blog will auto-post to social networks.  The simple reason is that in today’s world, social networks can act as a broadcast medium, but I will not be responding at all via the social networks.  If anyone wants to contact me, please feel free to email me or look at my Contact Me page.

This is an experiment to see if social networking is, you know, actually social, or just a large waste of time.  If it’s somewhere in between, I want to figure out how to get more out of it.  It’s possible that in thirty days, my habits go right back to how they were, or I never come back.

See you in 30….maybe!

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