Day 2 of No Social Networking, and Hello Austin!

OK, so a few people have dinged me because my posts show up on social networks.  I know this sounds like a violation, but the spirit of what I’m trying to do, is not to read social networks, or respond on social networks.  In fact, I would like people to subscribe to my blog by going to my Feedburner url.   I would love to get more traffic on that.

So how is it going?  Well I feel strangely disconnected, like I’m being left out of the conversation that I’m sure my friends are having.  Are they doing cool stuff I’m not seeing?   Am I losing contacts?  Are people forgetting I’m even there?  All this from only two days!  Clearly, something is broken for me, in how I use social networks.  I’m not going to blame social networking, it’s just me.

As I said, I’m currently in Austin for a quick 2 day trip.  Not enamored with my hotel or the wifi connection, but if all goes well tomorrow night, I should have some pretty cool pictures to share.  And with that, I am off to bed!

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