I Got to See the “Real” Minnesota Ice Man

In a nice coincidence, I happen to be visiting the same city that now holds the infamous “Minnesota Ice Man”.  A little place called the “Museum of the Wierd” is now the home of what purports to be some sort of relic hominid encased in a block of ice.   The Museum is small, hot, humid shop on 6th Street in Austin, which happens to be a few blocks from where I’m staying.

The tour guide took myself and two other guys back into Iceman Room.  Upon entering, I could see the display case, but it was covered with a red blanket.  The guide asked us if we knew anything about it, and I said that I had.  The other two were only vaguely familiar with it.  The guide took us through a story explaining the origins and circumstances surrounding the Iceman, and I can only guess the guide himself is very new to the story.  Lots of details were left out, mysterious “Smithsonian” scientists were mention, and a learned of a story of intrigue between the US and Canada over the body crossing the border.  

We were told, before the reveal, that no pictures were allowed so you’ll have to forgive me for not having anything to show you.  At first glance, there isn’t much to see.  In the hot climate of Austin, it’s clearly been a struggle to keep the ice from melting.  The tell tale signs of defrosting were evident, meaning the ice wasn’t very clear and details were hard to make out.

The left hand was up over the head, with the right hand protecting where the genitalia would be. The “fur” looked very worn to me.  Earlier pictures seemed to have more hair.  The opaqueness of the ice preventing me from seeing the eyeball that is allegedly popping out of the socket.  The feet and teeth looked oh-so rubbery.  Very fake looking to me.

When the show was over the three of us walked out, and as soon as the door closed, one guy asked me “So do you think it’s real or a gaffe?”  I said total gaffe.  I told them about the history, gave them some more details, and I think I left there having shown them that it was almost certainly fake.  We all had a mildly amusing time and for me it was a little bit of “history” in something I follow quite a lot.  

And so there it is, how I got to see the “Real” Minnesota Ice Man!

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