So I Gave the Skeptic Elevator Pitch to Jay and Silent Bob

Last night, I was at a movie premier for Jay and Silent Bob’s Groovy Movie.  I can’t say that I’d recommend the movie.  While there were some pretty funny scenes, a lot of it seemed like it was going for parody but ended up being juvenile.  After the movie, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes came out and did their podcast Jay & Silent Bob Get Old, which I have to say was pretty good.  Honest, funny stories, and constant affirmation of Jason Mewes’ sobriety. 

After the show, I got to go backstage.  Kelly, my wife, won this contest and it included a VIP pass.  Right after the show, a huge crowd gathered by the backstage door, and I wondered if I would even get a chance for my picture and a quick hello.  Suddenly the music stopped, and someone told everyone without a VIP pass to beat it.  A few big Kevin Smith fans stuck around claiming they were told they could come backstage, and I thought there would be a fight honestly, when they were told to go home.

So about ten of us shuffled back stage, and waited in line.  The tour manager came buy asking for address and tee-shirt sizes for some additional stuff, and I chatted with the guys in line.  They were all geeks, into comics books, movies, etc, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.  We’d all done podcasting and such, so we talked about that. 

Finally it was my turn, and I go up to Jay and Silent Bob, I mean, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith.  I shake hands and introduce myself.  The first thing out of Jason Mewes’ mouth is “Skeptunes? What’s that?”.  I was wearing my tee-shirt and both Kevin and Jason zeroed in on that.  So I ended up explaining skepticism to Jay and Silent Bob for ten minutes.  Kevin said he’d have to remember the URL, so I joked hey, I could give you one of my business cards, and he said he’d love it.  So, I then handed our Skeptunes business cards to Jay and Silent Bob.  I then outlined the difference between a skeptic and truther, I summed it up well (Kevin said I was being very generous in trying to explain it to them), and I even mentioned that I supported the legalization of marijuana because of what I had learn through the skeptical process.  They honestly seemed interested, even asking me about Loch Ness.  I then got my quick photos (we were being pushed out a little by the theatre manager) and I went on my way.  At the last minute, I forgot that I hadn’t even said I was a fan of their movies, I then blurted that out as quickly as possible before I left.

It was a lot of fun, and I’m positive that I didn’t turn Jay and Silent Bob into members of the skeptic community.  But it was fun, I got two pictures (shown below) and will always have the memory of handing out my business card to Jay and Silent Bob.


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