My Ignorance Is Bliss

In what could only be described as fortuitous timing, my leaving social networking coincided with a whole lot of unpleasantness in the online communities I frequent. It’s impossible to remain totally clueless about what’s happening, but the day to day stuff, I really don’t know.

I’m focusing on Skeptunes and my day job, building something cool which is getting closer to done. I have my wife, our five dogs, and our cat to spend time with. My weekends are filled maintaining my property.

I listen to Skeptic podcasts, I occasionally comment on blog articles I like, and I’ve been making a point to email people directly when I like their work.

I listen to my curated collection of albums, I discover new music through various services, and I even try to write my own. Kelly and I are working our way through Breaking Bad, while we check the local drive-in for a combination that we’ll like. I’m reading comics for the first time.

I’m learning a new language Go, I’m reading books about Java design patterns, and I’m messing with my Android devices to get the best ROM on them. I’m making my way through Bioshock Infinite, conquering nations in Civilization V and wondering if and how I can finish Skyrim.

I sleep in a bed surrounded by six open windows to the sounds of crickets, cicadas, and frogs. Once a month the full moon shines through the skylight in such a way that I can see the branches of the trees swaying in the wind. I’m getting better and better at yoga.

I ask anyone, what good would social networking do for me? I can do skepticism on my own terms. I can call or email friends. I have time to read and write. Honestly, I’m not missing anything that would substantially increase the quality of my life.

This whole thing is a work in progress, and I do miss twitter conversations with my friends, but I can honestly say, my ignorance of social networking is my bliss.

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