On Not Speaking Out

I’ve been blogging more and getting more reach than usual. A lot of people who’ve read my recent entries have never heard of me, or know me. Few know where I’m coming from. I recently received the following email from a stranger who took issue with some of my articles.

Why are you writing about all this crap? Who cares, ther are
more important things to write about with what’s going on

I assume by “what’s going on” he means the recent accusations and such going back and forth in the skeptic community, which I’ve made almost no public comment on. After reading Wendy Hughes’ post post from yesterday and listening to the last episode of Strange Frequencies Radio, I see people who are also cautious with what little real information is out there. They inspired me to speak up a little here.

It comes down to this. If you’re like me, you’re not in the know. You don’t get the anonymous emails. You haven’t heard the whispers at conferences because there is no reason for anyone to tell you. You’re not in a position to vouch, and all the people who do the vouching, who’s vouching for them? I’m not one of the cool kids. I literally have almost nothing to go on to make an informed opinion.

So I don’t know. I really don’t. I have feelings and intuitions, but those are based on really scant information. Some day I might be in a position to know more, but that’s unlikely. Maybe in the future more information will come out and I can form better opinions. This isn’t “hyperskepticism”, either, whatever that is supposed to mean.

One of the best answers a skeptic can give to a question is “I don’t know”. And that’s where I am. I don’t feel the need to pick a side, to join a team, or to be in the good graces of anyone. I just want to get back to work.

If you didn’t catch Bob Blaskiewicz’s great post on What’s Right with Skepticism?, you should. It’s a great summary of all the good that’s happening with skepticism, and it doesn’t involve any large scale organizations for the most part. On this, I will indeed speak out. Great skepticism is happening, right now, and it doesn’t matter what some random blog post tells you. But don’t take this random blog post’s word for it, check it out for yourself!

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