Let’s Not Accept Whining Entitlement as Leadership

Sigh I’ve resisted the urge so many times to write something about Rebecca Watson (RW). There is a good chance this will never be published, or no one will read it, or that a lot of people will read it, and I’ll regret it. However on the eve of another thirty days off from social networking, it’s not a bad time to sneak this in.

While preparing my week and tying up some loose ends on my social networks, I caught wind that RW had been kicked out of DragonCon for violating some rules about what they could sell at a fan table. A little more research shows that she was not actually kicked out, but chose to leave, and that her fan table was in fact violating the rules of DragonCon. I can’t pretend to be an expert on DragonCon, but a cursory reading of the rules and some updates from other DragonCon attendees, this seems a pretty open and shut case. I can see how it would suck for RW and SA, but on the other hand, a lot of other vendors had to pay money for the right to sell general merchandise. Thems the rules.

So, RW decides she has to blog about it. RW considers herself a leader in the skeptic movement (and others I’m sure). How a leader would write such entitled whining is beyond me. Let me quote some of the gold:

I’m an “attending professional” at DragonCon, meaning that I get a free pass to perform on panels but I’m expected to pay for my own airfare and hotel, costs that add up to be nearly $1,000.

So, you’re expected to pay like everyone else and also get to go on stage and be able to promote yourself and your website?

I have essentially paid hundreds of dollars to perform for free for a for-profit organization, whose representative berated me.

Actually, you received a pass and exposure.

That’s a big deal, especially for someone like me who lives on a blogger’s salary.

I don’t know what a “blogger’s salary” actually is, but this is perhaps the worse part of this post. Am I supposed to feel bad for someone who gets to fly all over the world attending conferences and has way more connections than the average person? Am I supposed to believe she can’t get a “real job” with a “non-blogger’s salary”? This is essentially a big fuck you to those who don’t have her connections and struggle to put food on the table while she flies to Europe a couple times a year.

Apparently, it isn’t the first time Cody has behaved this way. Small comfort.

Nice, she finds a nearly three year old incident and tries to play like it’s now a pattern. Come on.

I truly hope that next year DragonCon officials decide my contributions are worth keeping.

Perhaps we should find out what her contributions are. Hinting at a boycott? Whining about not being able to break the rules? DragonCon will do just fine without RW. There are 50,000+ people who attend DragonCon and most of them have no idea who she is.

Now, how can anyone take her seriously after writing such drivel? She has the privilege of having thousands of people following her on social media, events paying her way, and the general perks that come with any small level of celebrity. What did we see today? An immature tantrum.

She once wrote a post about the standard you walk past is the standard you accept. Yeah, so maybe people should do that and stop walking past her. Accepting whining, entitlement and vindictiveness (just search for what she said to The SkepDoc) as leadership is a detriment to any movement. Skepticism deserves much better. Skepticism has much better. Please, let’s not let entitled whining make us forget that.

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