Why I Broke My Own Code and Wrote About RW

So, a few days ago, I got annoyed. Usually when I get annoyed, I just go back to work, and forget about whatever is bothering me. When I’m really annoyed I write a blog post, edit, and then delete it. On Sunday, while violating my own code and with some trepidation, I clicked “Publish.”

I try not to call out other people, and I don’t get involved in controversies. While at my previous company, I was concerned that if I did get involved, there could have been some blow back from fans of certain “skeptic” “celebrities”. My job was never in danger, but I didn’t want to take advantage of my status, by making other people deal with the mess. Who knows what it could be: emails with lies about me, tweets with lies about me, etc. No reason to get in involved in that.

I also generally think it’s a waste of time. Nothing gets solved in a battle of blogs, people do not become more open minded after a certain number of tweets, and friendships do not blossom in a toxic environment of tribalism.

So why did I break my code this time?

Well, my situation is a little different know. I’m not worried about social media warriors disrupting my company. I have a better network of friends and support. Lastly, I was right. Oh, and annoyed. Maybe pissed is a better way to put it.

We are seeing the embodiment of “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” where those that seek to fight against power, end up abusing their own power. That is something that should always be called out. A movement that wants to expand and reach out, cannot be constructed of fiefdoms with social media despots. We need adults.

I didn’t criticize RW’s beliefs or ideology. I didn’t call her ugly, I didn’t drop into unoriginal tropes about “rad-fem” or “atheism plus”. There was no need to mention Elevatorgate, or Richard Dawkins. I had plenty of material to work with, strictly limiting myself to her own actions and words.

Normally, I would say “pick up the phone” when people do or say dumb things in blog posts. However, in this case, since I’m not in the right clique, I have no way to contact RW. I’m too much of a plebe in the skeptic community for her to even care what I write. That issue is probably a whole other blog post, that I’ll write…and then delete.

So where does this leave me in the future? I’ll probably stick with my code for the most part, and stay out of messes. If I see someone do something so egregious again, though, you never know. Otherwise, it’s write, delete, rinse, repeat.

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