Mags & Finnick: Two Year Adoption Anniversary

Two years ago, Kelly and I did something really crazy. At the time we had five dogs and one cat. A few months prior, it was a little crazier, as we had five dogs and two cats. Sadly, Ozzy, my first animal companion, passed away after suffering a stroke in June of 2011. So that’s where things stood, two years ago.

While looking through Petfinder on a Friday for pets to highlight on her “Find-a-Friend Friday” posts, she came across the listings for Mags and Finnick. Only at that time, they didn’t even have temporary names, they were just numbers. The entry said they weren’t adoptable, they were vicious, they were old seniors, and their time would be up the next day. Mags is very reminiscent of Kaylee in appearance and combine that with their “unadoptability”, something tugged at us to do something. I’m not sure why, but their story really hit us hard.

We saw them the next day, and as soon as they were out of their cage, they came up to us and wanted to lick our faces and be goofy. I was expecting more reticent dogs from their description and from the fact that they had just spent a week in a cage. We walked them around the yard, and that was pretty much all it took. We adopted them on the spot (first time we adopted dogs as homeowners) but had to wait a few days for them to go to the vet and because of the long Labor day weekend. They came home to live with us on September 7th, 2011.

The little one with the bad hip was named Mags, and the younger, more athletic one was named Finnick. They definitely were not over ten years old like the original listing. Mags was probbaly no older than eight and two years later, I’m still not sure. Finnick we estimated was six, but even that seems a little high due to how he young he acts. Nonetheless, they came home with us and over the last two years have become big parts of the family.

Finnick, for some reason, became attached to me, taking the slot by my side that was reserved for Ozzy previously. He loves to sleep in my office while I work, he’ll sleep on my lap as I fight my way through Bioshock, and no matter where I sleep, whether I’m going to sleep for the night or just catching a nap after working outside, he’s by my side.

Mags is yet another shadow following my wife around. She’s definitely the feistiest dog we’ve ever had, and also the smallest. At around twelve pounds she’s barely bigger than the cat, but the cat is probably a bit stronger. Still, with the passing of Ralphie and Kaylee, she thinks it’s her house now. The other dogs seem to let her have her way. We humans, though, have to laugh when she gets riled up. With her small body, and tiny little teeth she’s about as scary as plus toy.

Still, Mags and Finnick have helped keep our house feel as full as it can be. While five dogs seems crazy, and seven dogs, insane, with the way things are now, Kelly and I would feel even emptier at home if we had just three dogs. Ralphie and Kaylee combined to weight maybe thirty-five pounds, but they sure filled up this large house and backyard with their personality.

Mags and Finnick have made the last few months better than it would have been without them. They love it here. There is always a bed for them to curl up on, they have a big back yard they can run around in, and there is almost always someone home. They love going on walks, which is a big deal for Mags. After a specialist look at her hip x-ray he expected to see a little dog who couldn’t walk on that leg. Not only does Mags walk on that leg, but with the help of water therapy the last two years, she’s running and jumping. She is actually a one in a hundred case, to have as much mobility as she does with as bad a hip as she has.

So, as crazy as it seemed two years ago, we know we made the right call. Mags and Finnick were adoptable, and they deserve a chance to live out their lives running around in our back yard, curling up next to us on the couch. I wouldn’t change a thing that we did. Who knows what the next crazy thing we do will bring?

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