My Fill

This post only has one purpose, and that is as a place to vent. I’m not venting at anyone, and if you think I’m talking about that one person, you’re probably wrong.

I’ve had my fill of small minded, hate filled people who think they deserver to be leaders. I’ve had my fill of people who don’t want to do the work to get on top. I’ve had my fill of people who relish in the misfortune of others. I’ve had my fill of people too lazy to verify anything they’re writing about. I’m tired of people so quick to want to fight that they rush to judgement. I’m tired of people who can’t deal with those a different opinion like mine. I’m done with those people.

The people I like are the ones that can tell me I’m wrong, tell me when I did something poorly, or how I could be better. And after they’re doing that, they’ll still laugh when it’s funny, and then cry when it’s sad. They’re they people who wished us luck last year when Kelly and I went through a devastating blow. Now that we’re going through it again, they’ll wish us luck and be helpful again.

The people I’ve had my fill of? I will be deleting them from my life. I will go as far as blocking websites via my router. I will run every filter known to humanity to block them my social media streams. I will delete them from my cache, my contacts, my web history. They’re gone. I don’t want to have anything to do with them.

Not only do I have more important things at home to worry about, I have more important things to do than pay even a scintilla of attention to those people. This isn’t about holding a grudge, I don’t do that. I will wish them ill, I will not hope harm comes to them. I will simply not think of them at all.

There are far too many smart, caring people I don’t spend enough time talking to, to worry about those other people.

Peedee and the other C-Word


I really wish I could be back to embarrassing myself about Penn Jillette and Lindy West again. Unfortunately, this time the c-word I’m talking about is cancer. Peedee has it. He either has a chondrosarcoma or a osteosarcoma in his chest. He’ll be going to the oncologist on Wednesday to help formulate a game plan for treatment. We still don’t have a prognosis. I don’t know what else to say right now.