Skeptunes Again

I was reminded this week that I should for now stick to what I’m good at, and that primary is coding.  My labor of love is  I was inspired by a talk from Tim Farley and Derek Colunduno who were talking about different ways to contribute from a technical point of view.  Instantly, I thought of Skeptunes the domain and in fact registered it via my phone during their talk.

My friend Paul has joined me in giving it a new design and contributing to the backend.  There is still so much work to do.  I have plans to start archiving podcasts so we don’t lose them.  I want to poke through and find old podcast episodes that are seemingly lost.  I have a backlog of new podcasts to add to the database.

So check it out.  It’s not the type of site you will hit up every day, but I think it’s a nice resource. This is the kind of thing I should be working on.

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