Done With Squarespace

For a while I have told friends and family, “just use Squarespace”. I listen to a lot of tech podcasts and almost every one of them has run a Squarespace ad. Today I moved my blog from Squarespace to

My favorite writing platform for blogging is Draft which doesn’t work with Squarespace. Normally this wouldn’t be a deal breaker, but it got me thinking about all the other issues I have with Squarespace.

  • Interface has way too much flashy non-useful javascript ajaxy widgets, that’s slow and clunky. Terrible work flow.
  • Social integration is limited and you have to select it every time, as you can’t by default just share to Google+, Facebook, etc.
  • Squarespace is a mostly walled garden. You can export your data out, but it doesn’t integrate with anything directly. I spent a good hour messing around with a php script that would bridge the gap between Draft and Squarespace and realize it wasn’t worth it.

So I moved to I’m not totally in love with WordPress, and their software seems to be pretty much an open door to script kiddies. I looks custom permalinks which means all my old links are now broken, which in light of recent events is probably a good thing. I can’t use Disqus anymore, so all previous comments are lost. However, I can hook in different editing tools, I do seem to have better social integration, and the interface is faster than Squarespace.

With a simpler workflow, I hope to be writing more and taking this as a chance to start anew.

To everyone I suggested to Squarespace too, I apologize if it went poorly. I’ll help anyone who listened to me migrate if they wish.

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