Losing my Momentum

I have had a very busy day job for the last seventeen years or so. Being that I’m a programmer I try to stick to mainly coding, and that has been very rewarding. I try to challenge myself, learn new things, and work on perfecting my core talent of just getting stuff to work. This post is not about my professional career, this is about my hobbies and side projects.

I start a lot side projects, and I don’t finish a lot of them. I was reading this great article by Nathan Kontny called Lost Momentum. He’s run into a lot of the same things I have, where you start something, and then it runs out of steam. It drives me nuts.

Earlier in 2014, I thought I’d come up with a system that would change this, and I was pretty psyched to get going. However, early in the year we also decided to foster a dog, and our whole routine changed, and I couldn’t figure out how to get things done with the new, radically changed situation. Enter this article by Nathan Kontny.

Adapting, what he’s done with Draft, I will focus on a fixed number of projects to work on at all times. In order to take on something new, something else will have to end. I will release progress on each of these products accordingly to a calendar. I will track changes and progress for a few months, and compare starting points to ending points.

I definitely lost a lot of momentum on certain things with the change of routine in 2014, but maybe this is what I need to get back on track.

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