Delete, Delete, Delete

In order to take to heart the ideas I proposed in Losing My Momentum, I started by creating a clean workspace. Not my desk, not a table, not an office, but my files.

I have files on my laptop and in the cloud and upon waking up this morning everything was a mess. In order to focus, I couldn't let my stuff be everywhere. My wife is always surprised to hear this, because it doesn't match how I am with real world things, but I can't stand for my files to be a mess.

So I got to work. Old music projects that I hadn't touched in two years? Deleted. Three episodes of a podcast I tried to start last February. Gone. A bunch of calls from three years ago when I was doing my old political podcast, all gone. I hadn't touched any of them in so long, and was unlikely to touch them again so I deleted them. A bunch of stories I started, but lost momentum. Sent to the trash bucket.

Delete, delete, delete.

Is there a chance that I will end up regretting deleting all the old stuff? Perhaps, but the solution to that is coming up with new songs, new stories, or new podcasts. Looking back at what could have been but never was, does not help me in my present goal. A clean slate, an open mind, and nothing lingering on that could serve as a distraction or downer remains. Delete, delete, delete, indeed.

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