Skeptunes Update 1 – Better #Skeptic Podcast Search

In keeping with my plan to release features on a regular basis no matter how big or how small, comes this update.

This morning I spent some time looking for new skeptic podcasts, but didn’t find any new ones that I didn’t already have. This does not mean there aren’t new ones, but that as a use of my time, it wasn’t the best. So I decided to add one simple feature that should have been there all along instead.

You can now choose to sort by date. By default, all searches are by relevancy, but sometimes the most “relevant” episode was five years ago, and you want something fresher. So, I added a little checkbox that allows you to sort by date, in descending order. Search for “bigfoot” and you get episodes from within the last seven days on top.

Small feature, but one that was needed. Enjoy!

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