Amazon Did Not Gut ComiXology

Amazon Did Not Gut ComiXology

Despite what TC claims, Amazon is not gutting the ComiXology app.  Apple's policies are, if you feel the need to generate that kind of headline.  It makes sense for Apple (or Google) to take a chunk of the of in-app purchases when done through the Apple system.  They're doing all the working, taking all the risk etc.  It makes perfect sense for most apps and most companies.

The problem is, on the Apple side anyway, that companies should be allowed to take on that risk if they choose to.  Apple doesn't allow that under the claim that it's a better experience for users.  However, it's really only about collecting money for Apple's bottom line.  They have every right to do this, but let's acknowledge who's doing the gutting.


Amazon Guts The ComiXology App With Removal Of In-App Purchases, Users Not Happy | TechCrunch
Amazon has begun the Amazonification of recent acquisition ComiXology, by killing in-app purchases within the popular “Comics” by ComiXology app. This..

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