Pwning Your Funny Bone

Excuse the title, it’s the best I could do on short notice.

Today, I want to give a shoutout to John Rael, the skeptical comedian/comedic skeptic behind the Skeptically Pwnd videos. My personal favorite of that series was, of course, the Bigfoot themed one. Last year, he did a series called Skeptically Tuned which contained an interesting take down of Phil Plait’s Bad Universe tv show.

The episode about Bad Universe was so good that two parts of it have still stuck with me a year later. First, I can’t see a cliched “get a book off a shelf to music” scene without thinking of John doing the same thing to the theme from MonsterTalk. Secondly, as Godzilla 2014 became closer and closer, I was reminded of the bit of John holding a toy gun to his head saying “Please don’t suck, please don’t suck”.

His Youtube channel has lots of funny videos. I doubt everyone will find then all funny, humor being subjective and all. However, even those times when John does something I don’t find funny, you know that behind the video, John takes his craft serious. He didn’t make the video about Phil Plait to be mean, he made it to make a point about something he felt fell short of goals and expectations. Intent does matter when it comes to comedy, in my opinion. If you ever do have a problem with something he did, just send him an email. He’ll get back to you, give you an honest, thoughtful answer, and you might come away a fan.

I’m writing this on John’s birthday. I wish I could say this was planned, but it was just luck. Happy Birthday to you anyway John. I’ll see you at TAM!

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