Wednesday of #TAM2014

I wasn’t checked into my hotel for more than five minutes when I started running into friends from TAM. I met Torkel as he was coming out of the elevator and a couple minutes later Jamie walked by after returning to the hotel from a previous donut run to Ronald’s (more on that in a later post).

This was the earliest I’d ever gotten to TAM. I’ve made some Wednesday nights, but never Wednesday morning. I almost has a whole new day to do something. Mainly, though, I wanted to meet up with old friends.

I ended up in the Del Mar, of course. My sense of timing was off, and I ordered a drink at two-thirty in the afternoon. Jamie made a run to the sub shop across the street and we chowed down for an hour or so in the bar. I feel like we must have been there for hours, because TAM’ers started to show up and I had a lot of good talks with people I hadn’t met before in real life. The overwhelming feeling I had was one of comfort and ease.

I do not have any sort of clinical level of social awkwardness, but I’m usually very shy, and always feel like my words fumble out of my mouth. It’s rare that I ever feel at ease in any social setting, even amongst friends, but this was one of those times.

Skeptic Bowling was a bust it turned out because of (I thought) a weird set of rules and the inability to reserve lanes. Back to the bar. I spent the rest of the night having a couple drinks with old and new friends. Completely at ease.

I turned in early because I was still running on central time and wanted to keep a decent sleep cycle early on. I went through a few pics each of my wife and our animals, before drifting off to sleep to the sounds of the Mysterious Universe podcast.

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