Initial Thoughts on the LG G Watch

I haven’t been a regular watch wearer since I was in grade school, but in my general mode of trying new things I’m giving the LG G Watch a spin.  I chose this over other watches because it has the best battery life and didn’t have any leather straps.  The only way a watch will work for me is if it gets good battery life and actually lets me do things with notifications.  That’s all I want.  I considered a pebble, but I think that would be too limited.

So far I like it.  I have a large wrist so it doesn’t look ridiculous.  The strap is meh and I’m going to replace it.  Battery life seems as good as advertised and I like how Android Wear handles notifications.  Still to early to tell if I stick with it, but it’s definitely a glimpse of the future.


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