Pardon My Absence, I’m Disconnected

Last week I wrote a post about the whole JREF kerfuffle. While it was somewhat in the heat of the moment, I don’t take any of it back. The ideas and emotions had been percolating for the previous few weeks. While James Randi has made a few comments about the future, his comments still lack transparency and any sort of real vision. So as of right now, nothing has changed for me. I’m basically set for DragonCon now, and come February I will review the current situation to see if my mind can be changed.

My TAM post, though, kind of blew up for me. Over 1,000 views might have set a non-RW record for me. I didn’t get that many comments on the WordPress post, which means I assume that it did generate some comments on Facebook and/or Twitter. However, I’m off of those platforms for now, so if I missed your comment or haven’t otherwise responded that’s why. I apologize for being aloof, but I’m enjoying a mostly disconnected state right now.

I’m getting more things done, I’m reading more, and I’m multi-tasking better now that I have eliminated one time sink of a task. This might sound like I’m down on social media, and that’s really not the case. I’m just prioritizing my time differently. The whole JREF meltdown was a good time to take a break as well, because I’m sure it’s a mostly uninformed mess. I’m more informed than average and it’s a mess for me. So I’m glad I’m missing that. Politics (and this is all this ever is about) wears me out in the traditional political world, it wears me out in office environments, and it numbs my brain when it hits the skeptical community. I have a healthy “fear of missing out”, but this is all stuff I’ll gladly miss out on.

Feel free to contact me any of the ways described on my contact page! Always love to hear praise and/or constructive criticism.