An Email I Received About PZ

I think most of my friends know I’m atheist. It’s not something I talk about much, not because of any apprehension I have, but because in my day to day busy world, religion doesn’t really come up. A good chunk of my acquaintances know I’m an atheist, but they probably know little about how involved I am with the atheist movement. I would say the person who sent me this quick note knew little about how involved I am:

Hey Shane,

I know you’re an atheist or an agnostic, so I was wondering if you’ve seen this [Link to PZ’s blog deleted my me]. What an asshole. Do you read him?

And so a message from outside the bubble. After a little back and forth it turns out he found PZ via a Buzzfeed article and didn’t like what he read. Not a big deal, not data, but was interesting to see a member of my acquaintance circle see things from the outside of the dramasphere.