Thoughts on Android Wear


A few weeks ago I checked out the LG G-Watch running Android Wear. I was curious to checkout the platform. Ten days later, I sent it back. What happened in between?

The G-Watch as a device is ok. The strap was bad, so I had to replace that with a nice metal one, that was bigger and more comfortable. The watch part is a little thick and chunky but since I have thick and chunky wrists it was fine for me.

The software itself was pretty good. I think Google has the interface right. I was able to swipe through different cards and actions no problem, and it made a lot of sense on a device that size. Getting notifications on my wrist was pretty cool. I can see the future of Android Wear and I like it better than using a digital crown to move through 60 different icons on a small screen. The battery life was incredible.

Still, the present isn’t quite as good. The G-Watch is completely unreadable in sunlight, and not enough apps (at the time I had it) fully integrated with Android Wear. Better hardware and apps will happen in time, which is why I’m bullish long term, but still returned my G-Watch after ten days.

The Moto 360 though seems to have great battery life now….hmm.