Hey guys! The folks behind Vegan Pizza Day recently announced that they’ll be moving the holiday to another day later in the year. So far the date is tba, but they want your suggestions. (Me, I’m partial to March 14. NERD!)

I’m a little bummed ‘cause I’ve got some awesome stuff planned for next week, BUT THE SHOW MUST GO ON! We can still celebrate and call it Early Vegan Pizza Day, right? Or “today,” as it’s known in my house. Tune in Monday for the exciting details!

In the meantime, you may want to hold onto your lovely pizza photos, which could possibly win you some goodies from the likes of Redwood Foods, Tofurky, Daiya, Lightlife, Gardein, Nasoya, Tofutti, Field Roast, Bob’s Red Mill, and Upton’s Naturals (to name a few!) come next week. NOT TO BE A TEASE OR ANYTHING. Just sayin’.

Finally, here is a gif of a dancing pizza because it amuses me.