Should Vaccines Be Mandatory? –

Should Vaccines Be Mandatory? –

I come down firmly on the state doing a lot to incentivize people getting vaccinated, and as Ron Bailey suggests, having people who choose not to vaccinate be required to sign some sort of legal document. I’m not ready to start criminalizing people for not getting kids vaccinated. Little disappointed Reason included 1 anti-vax/anti-science person in this article, but perhaps it was for contrast, as every other writer on the network accepts the science.

Cosmos After Two Episodes and I wonder…

I wonder that I’m the wrong audience for this show. The show itself is great. Interesting topics, great graphics, and I think it captures the wonders of science. But I’m already captivated by science, so I’m not really getting that much out of it.

During the time I was eating lunch today, I was researching the evolution of the elephant. I go on to Google Maps to see if I can find the crater that killed the dinosaurs. I often refresh my memory about the eight planets. I constantly look to see if I’ve missed anything with changes to the path of human evolution. I’m fascinated by the idea that someone will bring a Neanderthal “to life”. I research computer science concepts just so I can remember what a red-black tree is. I write code all the time even when I’m not “working” because I love to create something abstract from abstract ideas. I’ll listen to an audio book about about food from the fifteenth. How much more interested in science can I be?

The recent episode, the one about evolution, I noticed that the Permian extinction appeared to show the skeletons of recently perished Dimetrodons. How many people recalled that Dimetrodons were already extinct before the Permian extinction? I knew that because less than a month ago I was refreshing my memory on the Permian synapsids.

I’ll give the show another viewing to see if it holds my interest, but I have to admit, I just think I’m the wrong audience. That’s not a bad thing, I just feel weird not watching it, when I totally want to support it.

Thoughts anyone?